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SchoolMark is the accreditation scheme developed in consultation with the DfE and sector partners that assesses numerous aspects of your resource management and operations, celebrates best practice and helps you raise the standards of your school management. Efficient finances facilitate outstanding teaching and learning, supporting pupil progress and better outcomes for students.

SchoolMark examines nine different areas of school resource management and minimises additional workload by using existing data and reports to produce a holistic view of your school or trust; awarding you with a quality mark for excellent resource management or providing a roadmap for improvement if you’re not quite there yet.

SchoolMark helps your school or trust reduce costs and make greater efficiencies in your budget, maximising spend to the benefit of your students and pupils, and makes recommendations to improve resource planning. The assessment provides reassurance that you are compliant with current DfE and ESFA requirements and that you can demonstrate transparency and propriety in your transactions. SchoolMark also assists Governors and Trustees in their role of monitors by providing confidence that procedures are being followed and resources used appropriately.

SchoolMark is awarded by the Institute of School Business Leadership and assessments are made by leading school finance professionals, guaranteeing a high-quality assessment and roadmap. The accreditation is valid for two years.

The SchoolMark accreditation celebrates schools and trusts running an efficient resource model based on a sound strategy that puts students first.


The cost of the SchoolMark accreditation depends on the number of schools you have in your trust, or whether you are a single school.

Single school: £999+VAT

MAT with 2 - 5 Schools: £1999+VAT

MAT with 6 - 10 Schools: £2999+VAT

MAT with 11 or more schools: £4999+VAT