The top five unexpected benefits of SchoolMark

Being accredited by the SchoolMark scheme shows that your school or trust is operating with the very highest levels of resource management. But, on interviewing our SchoolMark alumni, some unexpected benefits have come to light. We wanted to share these with you as they deliver real hidden value. 1. It gives stakeholders confidence Although no...
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What is SchoolMark?

We've put together this short presentation to answer some key questions about what SchoolMark is and how it could help your school or trust.  If you still have any questions, click here to contact us or click here to sign up.
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How can you improve efficiencies with SchoolMark

Going through the SchoolMark process has many fantastic benefits. You gain a nationally recognised award that symbolises that your school or trust is doing an outstanding job at managing resources. It celebrates your staff by announcing their excellent work in keeping the school running at the highest level. However, one of the most valuable benefi...
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How SchoolMark recognises best practice and helps to raise the standards of school management

SchoolMark is a new accreditation scheme developed in consultation with the DfE and sector partners. It was created to support the drive to improve the quality of management throughout the sector, thereby increasing the quality of the education that is offered to children, through greater efficiency of managing resources and increasing the academic...
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How SchoolMark can help support strong financial management

Wouldn't it be nice to find a magic wand that can magically transform your school or trust's finances? Unfortunately, SchoolMark won't become your fairy godmother – but it can be a vital tool to support your school or trust as you move towards strong financial management. Schools are full of experienced and passionate school business managers and f...
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SchoolMark celebrates schools and trusts that demonstrate best practice in resource management, but it is also a valuable tool for improvement.

Although SchoolMark has been very lucky with the first-time pass rates of the schools who have already been through the accreditation, SchoolMark can be a valuable tool for improvement. If you don't feel that your school or trust will pass the first time, we would still encourage you to sign up. As the East Midlands Academy Trust found, one of the ...
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Congratulations to East Midlands Academy Trust!

The East Midlands Academy Trust is a medium-sized MAT, based in Northamptonshire and the first Trust to receive the SchoolMark accreditation. Although already secure that their resource management was of high quality, EMAT saw SchoolMark as an opportunity to review their work and externally validate their success. COO of EMAT, Paul Wheeler, sa...
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State of the Nation Report

The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) has just released their State of the Nation 2021 report which details how social mobility has been impacted by the pandemic. Here are the key points. Child poverty and the attainment gap Since 2012, the number of British children living in poverty has risen by 700,000. There are now 4.3 million children living b...
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SchoolMark's feedback so far

SchoolMark was started to improve the educational outcomes of children by encouraging schools to work towards best practice and rewarding those who achieve it. SchoolMark has had some fantastic trusts go through the process already and we have more who are becoming accredited. Here is what they have to say about SchoolMark: "SchoolMark is designed ...
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Achieving best practice with SchoolMark

In our personal lives, outside of the school gates, we're surrounded by messages encouraging us to become the 'most perfect' versions of ourselves. There is an almost constant encouragement to strive for healthier bodies, expanded minds, and a financially secure future. We all aim to improve our lives, so shouldn't we take this attitude into the of...
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The Priory Learning Trust is the second trust to be awarded SchoolMark.

 The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT) is a multi-academy trust based in the Southwest of England. With 8 schools and over 5,000 students. TPLT's values of 'Students First - Cherishing Staff – Serving Communities' have led them to push for best practice. This originally began with embracing their internal scrutiny plans and focusing on their top fi...
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Realistic budgets forecasting in a time of uncertainty

 A crystal ball? Sticking it all on red? Rock, paper, scissors? Sometimes school finance can feel like any of these situations - fraught with risk and chance. How can school business leaders make realistic and sensible budgets when we live in such a time of uncertainty? Over the last couple of years, it has just felt like the roundabout of sch...
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SchoolMark gives MAT “confidence that they are working to an excellent standard”.

 Symphony Learning Trust in Leicestershire has passed the SchoolMark accreditation with flying colours. A growing, medium sized trust with eight primary schools in Leicestershire, Symphony Learning Trust took part in SchoolMark as part of the pilot phase in early 2021. "I was initially concerned about how much the process would add to my workl...
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